The Secret Law Of Attraction

The Secret Law Of Attraction

The Secret Law Of Attraction.

You all have heard about this movie name “the Secret”. The secret movie is all about the law of attraction. The  is secret is the law of attraction.

Why the secret because with is secret you can achieve all your desires and the law of attraction is the essence of it.

The secret is written by the famous author Rhonda Byrne. She has explained the law of attraction in that book and also the documentary has been made on the same.

You are the one who calls the law of attraction into action, and you do it through your thoughts.  –   Rhonda Byrne.

The secret movie has reached to millions of people and has gained the popularity after which the law of attraction is more discussed topic.

Various authors has given their views on the book and has made it easy for people to understand the secret.

The law of attraction is a giant photocopy machine, it photocopies what we contain in our mind and send it back to us as circumstances and events of our life. This is a great thing.

Because we are getting very clear feedback on how we are going in our life.

For example : if you are not seeing enough money in your life, you know that you have been thinking the thought of lack that why it is there.

Now change it think the thought of abundance in your mind and imagine it so the law can photocopy that and send it back to you.


The Secret Law Of Attraction


Law of attraction says like thoughts attract more like thoughts.

And you are the whole creator of your life. You can design your life in way you want. Your thoughts have the power to create your reality.

Your thoughts are magnetic as you think of something similar more thoughts of that objects come into your mind naturally.

Therefore, you don’t have to do lot of work its easy and a natural process.

Now if you are thinking negative thoughts that’s what you are attracting and if you want to attract positive circumstances, by altering your thoughts you can bring happy events in your life.

Therefore, we attract into our life what we hold inside.

Every incidents, people, things, circumstances is all attracted by pour thoughts.

Your whole life is a reflection what you carry inside you, and you have the power to change it by changing your thoughts.

Thoughts became things. This is a famous quotes and it is said what you think you become so think right.

Thinking is what create your life and thinking of prosperous thought will definitely make you rich.

The whole universe works on frequency. Your thoughts have frequency and vibration and when you are on right frequency with your desires the universe responds to it and bring it in your life.

If you think yourself lucky, wealthy and prosperous the universe responds to it and bring the opportunities to make you rich.

When we give attention to something it increases and your mind will think more of that thoughts.

That’s why it is always necessary for your to think of only those thoughts and desires which you want to attract into your life. Because your thought are creating the reality.


The Secret Law Of Attraction

The secret book has given three pillars on which the law of attraction works

  1. Ask .
  2. Believe.
  3. Receive.

The universe is the key and it will deliver you all your wishes. Its like your personal genie.

One of the important factor is your feeling. As your vibration and feelings are the link between the universe and you.

Therefore, more good you feel chances are more happy things you will attract into your life.

Start feeling happy , enjoy each moment through this you are sending the message to the universe that you want more of these things.

As you focus on good,  good gets better.

All the circumstances incidents and things which are there is because you have created it either consciously or unconsciously. Until now whatever happened it has.


But from now take charge and create a master life. Know that you are artist of your life. Design it.

This is your life and it is waiting for you to discover it.

Until now you have been thinking life is hard, but from now think only of positive and successful thoughts.

And start now say to the universe “ life is awesome, it is magical, good things are happening to me now.

The universe is always there for you to give you what you want, you have to welcome it. Be calm, relax and allow the universe to give it to you.

The universe is helping you and communicating with you always.


The Universe Is With You

The Universe is giving you the response whatever thought you carry it gives back to you and the feelings you have is your communication tool. The happy feelings mean good is coming.

Carry those feelings and enjoy it. Tune with this magical power and see the wonders happening in your life.

When you feel happy from within you are on higher frequency and attract more of good in your life.

Feeling  happy will make it easy for you to manifest your desires.

The trick to make the secret to for you is to feel happy always its the shortcut and the fastest way to bring your desires.

Vibrate on happy thoughts send good vibration to the universe, and will receive more of that.


The value of the feelings matters the most.  Because your  feelings are your best tool to create the master life and achieve every desire.

Everything you encounter in this life is because of your thoughts and feelings.

There is endless of abundance and magical things for you waiting for you, you just have to welcome it in your life.

Start expecting the best and the best will happen to you soon.

Live in the joyous expectancy of the best and the best will come to you.

Three Step In The Secret

Three steps to the secret  Ask, Believe, Receive.


The first step to the secret and law of attraction is to ask what you want.  Know that what are your desires.

Write it down for clarity. Be specific about your desires.

Ask the thing that you want in your life, think of it, give more positive thoughts to it, emit the frequency, make vision and it will work.


Think often about what you want, and what you have asked from the universe, you should assure that your thoughts, feelings and actions, are in vibration for what you have asked for.

Don’t think negative thoughts, or contract. Be as if you have achieved it. Your frequency should in a receiving mode.

Also, project that what you would do if you receive your desire today. Therefore, make some plan.

Catch that mood , feel kit, live in it, enjoy it.

Don’t be surprised how quickly the universe moves once you’ve decided what you want.

The moment you ask for the thing you want know that the process starts.

Therefore, you must remember that everything you want already exist by asking you charge that thing and it gets activated.

You are the magnet , your thoughts are magnetic, and when you tune with the wealthy and successful thought you attract wealth and success.

Whatever you are thinking , you are the magnet for that.  Be the magnet for happiness, love, prosperity.

Feel it, enjoy it, know that the there is a universe inside you, helping you guiding you and making your dreams come true.

Believe It With Whole Heart


You have to know that the desires can easily manifest and its your the moment you asked for it, you have to show active faith.

That its yours no matter what circumstances says. Believe you deserve it then the universe will serve it.

Believe so deeply until it manifest for you. Know that the circumstances can quickly change for the better, do stress about how its going to happen.

Be faithful and believe deeply that it will happen, just allow it.  You must have full and utter faith.

The things that come in your life quickly are the things that you believe in it with whole heart. You can bring the things in which you have faith, you believe so make your belief strong.

When you place an  order in the restaurant you know that what you order will come you relax. Same way when you ask and believe be in a relax mood.

How that will come to your life, is not your concern, know that it will come. The universe knows and it will deliver.

If you think how it will happen you are doubting and when doubt occurs its difficult for the universe to manifest.

Therefore, be faithful, believe it. Your part is to ask , and believe, rest is upto universe.

When you focus on the thoughts of the things or desire you want to manifest in your life, you hold the image.

Emit the frequency, then you are creating the desired results and is connected with the universe.

Live your dreams in your heart and mind and allow universe to bring them to you.


Receive Your Desires


It the final step when your desires finally manifest and you get the results.

The fast way to receive what you desire is to say i am receiving the best in my life now, feel it, believe it and act as though you have received it.

Once you asked, believed that you have received it, now you have to feel good, feeling good will take you on the receiving mode. You will receive what you have asked for. Be in that state and vibration and you will receive it.

Your feeling and joyfulness is the fastest way to all that you desire. Choose happiness and love now focus on that and forget everything, you have to create a state from which the universe can deliver.

Everything you want in your life including your desires, dreams, goals all are coming to you. Just relax and know that they are yours.

Imagine your desires, visualize it, give the details how it would look when it becomes the reality.

Visualization has the power and it turbo charges your desires.

Set few minutes daily to imagine your desires fulfilled feel it , enjoy it, be happy and this will give power to your wishes and it will attract them.

Believe it. Relax when the timing will be divine it will come to you. Just trust the process and the source be in the frequency and see its manifestation.


Be Grateful Always

Being grateful is also one of the best way to attract what you, unless you are grateful for what you have now, you won’t be able to attract more good.

Moreover, gratitude increases the flow of the all the good things in your life.

Be grateful for all that you have now, it will increase into more of good. Begin to think of all the good things you have now you will be surprised by the list that you have so much to be grateful for.

Everytime you praise something , being grateful for it, feel good about it, you are saying to the universe “more of this please” and the universe listens to it and deliver you the more goods things to be grateful for.

When you are feeling happy and good thoughts, you are on a right track and your frequency is powerful to attract your desires, and it will give you the things to be more grateful and happy for.

Live in those moments, nourish those moments, you are deliberately creating best things and giving power to your desires.

You can create everything, but know that you should eliminate all the doubts and be faithful to your desires.

Then only it will manifest fast and easily, your faith should be more stronger than the doubt, replace doubt with faith.

Be happy now. Feel joyful happy, loving now. That’s the main thing you have to do.

And if you get this, you have received the best part of the secret.

“Like Aladdin’s Genie, the law of attraction grants our every command” – The Secret.



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