Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

Law of attraction says that like attract like, whatever thought you give attention to will create the reality. All that is coming in your life is the results of the thought you carry in your mind.

Thoughts have power. What you are thinking in this moment is creating your future. You are creating your life with the thoughts you are giving attention to.

Ever happened when you think of a thing like an expensive car you love, more similar thoughts regarding that car will come to your mind which means you are attracting more of these thoughts.

Thinking yourself rich and successful you can become one.

“When you truly want something and you go after it with fill belief without limiting yourself, the universe will manifest it into your life.”

The power of your subconscious mind can create wonders your thinking can attract happy things by vibrating at right frequency.

Whenever good happens in your life its simply you are thinking of good and are vibrating in that.

You can attract marvelous things like dream home, world tour, relationships, love, fame, manifesting money whatever you want.

The universe is here to deliver all the good to you, believe it.


If you are thinking positive thoughts you are more likely to attract positive things and outcome in your life.

It’s simple law and once mastered can create wonders in your life. Get ready for an exciting journey to change your life with the law of attraction.

You are the master of your life, you can create a marvelous life.


Ask Be Clear What You Want

Know what are things you want to have in your life . Be aware of desires

Asking is the first step in the law of attraction. you have to ask to universe what you want. Spend sometime to know what you actually want. Decide that you exactly want be clear about the things you want.

“Once you make decision the whole universe conspires to make it happen.”

No doubt should be there while setting the goals. You must feel good. They only it will be easy to manifest your desires.

From now on think of thoughts things which you want your life your goals, desires.

You have the power to bring it into your life.

This whole universe is there to deliver you what you want. The law of attraction has the power of the universe to manifest your desires.

Universe has the key to give you everything you desire. The Universe responds to the thoughts and feeling which you have for a particular thing or situation.

Get the frequency of the things which you want to manifest. Think , feel of the thought which are positive and are connected with your goals, dreams.

What you hold in your mind most of the time is what you create. Spending your time in thinking positive noble thoughts will create a positive and and happy life.

On the other hand spending time in thinking negative thoughts of lack, worry will create more of it.

Think consciously as your thoughts are creating the reality of your life. The best part is that by altering your thought you change your destiny.



Law Of Attraction  – Believe 

Believe is knowing that it is yours, you feel that what you have asked is yours and its being given to you. It’s a pure faith that you have received what you asked for.

“Believing involves thinking, talking, and acting as though you have already received your manifestation.”

Be in the feeling of fulfilled desired. In law of attraction unshakable belief and faith should be there that your desires is on its way for you.

Everything takes time to happen, during this period stay positive and motivated.

Don’t doubt or think negative about your desires it can stop or block your manifestation.

Everyday live with happiness, faith, joy, believe that you are worthy of it and you deserve it.

Your actions should match with your vibration and then its easy for the manifestation.

In believe stage you have to happily and lovingly enjoy the process.

Your belief system should be strong then only desires will manifest easily.

You have to trust the process your trust is counted, the belief system will give your desires the reality.

Make your belief so strong that manifestation should be the ultimate outcome.

When good things and events occurs in your life its because you re giving your positive thought to that thing and you are in a vibration to manifest it into your life.

In the law of attraction start the process by small things , like manifesting a cup of coffee, free meals, a flower, money, coupons. It is easy for you and you will feel good.

Once your small manifestations complete then go with the big ones.


Visualization is the process that involves mental images, power of thought through which you create your reality.

By visualization of situation, events you give power to it to manifest in your life.

Know what you want. Take sometime in a quiet place, sit there for few minutes.

Get relax now visualize your goals create a mental picture, imagine the scene make a movie of it.

Involve all your senses in it , make it real and live.

Know that it has accomplished in your life have pure faith.

Feel the thrill , joy happiness while doing this.

For example you want a home.

Imagine that you have seen the perfect home with all the luxurious in it.

Know the location where you want it, see the surroundings the environment .

Now see yourself entering in that home.

Moreover, a clear imagine with the emotions will charge your visualization have faith in it.

Feel the happiness the joy that you finally got your dream home.

Don’t think of how you will get it, just think you have got it and you are living in it.

You can also visualize you are giving party ion your new home. Feel that, enjoy that moment , give as much reality you can give.

See that all are congratulating you on your new home. Appreciating  the designs and looks of your fantastic home.

With your minds eyes see everything you want in that home. Feel the feeling of having that home.


Everytime when you feel happy, joyful, excited while thinking your goals you are raising the vibrations and giving more power to your visualization.

Just do the visualization of your desires and see it through minds eyes. get involve in it. you will experience another reality, live in it as if it is happening now.

make a wonderful scene, enjoy it you are in higher frequency.

See the outcome rejoice in it. The outcome which you have just created by visualizing  has created the higher frequency hold on to that scene give the details and the emotions to it.

The most important thing in the whole visualization process the feelings and emotions.

Get the idea how this all works you will see the process and will be in a good mood.

Do this first for small wishes because they can happen quick and it will give you the boost and will increase your faith. You will be more faithful and will believe in this law.

As these results happen you can see the change in your thinking process and will give you the confidence and you can apply it for big desires.

Everytime when you feel happy, joyful, excited while thinking your goals you are raising the vibrations and giving more power to your visualization.

Also, you have to get the experience of your dream in the advance in your mind play the scene , get do it as if you are really in that experience.

Do the visualization process daily set some time where you will not be disturbed.

Law OF Attraction


Positive affirmations are the sentences you say which will encourage and motivate you bring positive changes in your life. You repeat these sentences to set a pattern in your mind of success, and a great life.

Affirmations can instantly change to mood to better and they rewire your mind for happiness.

Using affirmations in present tense will give you the confidence that things which are desiring is on its way for you, you will feel the thrill and confidence of having it.

It raise your vibration and make you feel good.

You have to make your affirmations more powerful. Use the affirmations in every area of your life and you will see the huge changes. It helps to stay positive in every situation.

Affirmation will increase the flow of positivity in your mind and will change the perspective.

You can do affirmation anytime when you feel like doing it. But doing in the morning will give positive and will make your day successful.

Also just before sleeping you can do affirmations so that during sleep your subconscious mind can attract those things in your life.

Some positive affirmations are as follows :

I am strong, powerful, courageous.

Can achieve everything in life.

I am financially independent.

I use my talents to help the world and I am living a wonderful life.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I am worthy of receiving all the good in my life.

I choose to feel good about myself everyday.

Repeat these wonderful affirmations daily and see the change. Also you can make your own affirmations. this is very beneficial in the law of attraction process.


Vision Boards

Vision boards are the great way in the law of attraction process.

Find some magazines, posters also look out for online images collect pictures of the things you want to manifest .

Take a large sheet them put all the pictures and write some affirmations on it. Keep that board in place where you can see it daily.

Also, look often to that board feel the feeling of having it all, your vision board come true.

Things will inspire you to achieve your goals should always be with you seeing this board will give you positivity and motivation and will create the frequency of achieving your desires.

The more we know and think about the things we want to manifest the quicker it will be drawn to us.

Also, making vision boards will keep the desires close to you and will remind you of your dreams constantly.

You will frequently see them and will think on them.

Vision board will make you feel that you have already achieved your desires. They are very easy to made and give fast results.

When you spend the time in searching images and affirmations to put on your boards which means you are committed to your goals.

It also clear your desire and you are specific about what you want, it gives energy to your manifestation.

The pictures  on the vision boards acts as a daily reminder of your goals. Everyday your attention goes on the board and will tell you about your manifestation.

Place it in such a place from where it is easy for you to see them frequently.

Gratitude List

When you appreciate what you have in your life you welcome more of that in your life.

Gratitude list is all about being grateful for the things you currently have in your life. Its the essential key in the law of attraction.

Take a sheet of paper, or a journal where you can write your gratitude list.

Write 10 things which you are grateful for it dost matter how small or big it is.

You can write i am grateful to God for giving me wonderful.

I am grateful to my family for supporting me.

I am grateful to my body for functioning well.

Also, you can be grateful to my phone.

You can write anything which comes in your mind. Write 10 things which you are grateful if you want you can add more.

The purpose is feel good about all the things which you have so that you can continue enjoy those things in your life.

Also, gratitude will charge the vibration will take your mind to the thankful state where you feel how blessed your life is.

You can write in list in the morning or anytime of the day. Make sure to make it a daily routine to create wonders in your life.

While writing it feel the joy, happiness be in the vibration of thankfulness it it will charge your list.

It’s necessary to be in the happy mood while writing this. Because feeling is what matters the most.

Write down all the all things which has happened to you. Catch that vibration live that moment .

You will see that you have unlimited things which you can be grateful for. 262

Be Enthusiastic About Your Day

As you wake up in the morning the 1 hour is the golden hour for you and is the magical time. Its when your subconscious mind is awake you can use it wisely.

Whatever you feeling, imagining, affirming doing has a great impact.

See your goals, desires, meditate on them. Read wonderful books as at all goes in your subconscious mind and will create a miracle and also will manifest all your dreams in to reality.

Also, charging your day with positive thoughts is the best thing to make your day wonderful.

Positive affirmation will create a marvelous impact and will soon bring your desires in to reality. Bless your day, give awesome greetings for that day it will set your mind on higher frequency.

Set your intention about productivity, success, joy, happiness for that day give value and reasons for a marvelous day.

Enjoy  the present moment

Give your mind time to take some relax and focus on this moment, enjoy it don’t be anxious, be mindful.

Find peace, happiness, joy in the living moment. And when you feel happy you will manifest abundance, joy success.

Take 5 minutes break often and check on yourself feel calmness, peace, just focus and breath , and enjoy that moment. Enjoy the richness which is presented before you.

Open Up To Possibilities

The positive vibrations and new outlook towards life will open the doors for abundance and prosperous life.

This life has much to offer you but you have to be open and receptive. There are opportunities waiting for you just make your mindset be open to receive it. Law of attraction will provide you endless opportunities. 277

The Awesome Quest

Just before going to sleep ask yourself about the most beautiful thing happens in the whole day. Shift your mind to think about the best thing happened in the day.

Therefore this will inspire your subconscious mind you will create happy feeling, feeling of joy , happiness, love, prosperity will give power to your desires.

Focus on all the good things and select the best thing while doing this you mind will give reasons to be happy. It will recall the happy moments will will create the higher energy.

Increase your vibration and aura

By spending time in positive thinking and being grateful will create a positive aura and will raise your vibration .

Stay happy , focus on joy , love, happiness, prosperity, peace of mind. Make your frequency higher.



You have to be patient enough until your manifestation is done. Remember delay is not denial

Practicing patience is must to became a master manifest. Once mastered it you will feel ease, you will feel more calm in the whole process.

Know that what you want is on its way to you it is coming for you. But it will be given to you at the specific time.

divine time is set for everything you will have it on the right time.

You have to walk with faith even when you cannot see.

If your desires are taking time that means there is something good added to them and the right time will come when you reap it.

Don’t be frustrated, worried because of the delay, relax.

The main priority is to be calm and joyful, stay happy. 268

Fake It Till You Make It

It is the technique in which you act as if your desired are already manifested. You are faking it  until your desired turns into reality.

You will have to be the vibration of rich and happy thought. Feel that feeling enjoy it.

When you do this process you are sending the frequency of your desired results and the universe will work faster your vibration will match your desire.

Believe and trust the process soon you will have the evidence of it. Give emotions and involve all your senses in this process and your actions should match it.

It is one of the most effective methods in the law of attraction and can give great results when applied faithfully.

You will start being the frequency of things which you want to manifest in your life.

You are living as if you already possess that thing and your desire is fulfilled.its fun way to do this technique, you should be feeling joy and richness.  the main focus is to give a feel of wealthy and prosperous lifestyle.

This is the best way to shift the frequency and will make it easy for you to manifest and is essential in law of attraction.

Example:  if you want a car, make a parking space for it. Buy key chains for your car. Also purchase the things will you will require once you have that car. Pretend  that you have the car which you desire.

If you want to work in a good company, dress up as you are working in that company.

See your position in that company. get in the vibration. do some call i your mind. talk with the employees in imagination. it will generate the feeling of having it. 276.

Self Talk

Taking with self is a habit we all have. How you talk with yourself matters the most. Now observe this we usually talk about negatives the things we don’t like.

Think of the best and it will happen. Talk positive with yourself it will add fuel to your manifestation.

Because self talk is also creating your reality as what you are thinking you are saying it to yourself and saying positive and words of appreciation will manifest soon.

Talk with yourself as you are successful person, you are valued, you are powerful, you have power to create and design your life.

As your phone needs to be charged then only it works for longer time in the same way your desire should be charged regularly give positive energy to it. Recharge your goals and dreams.

Do it with fun

Enjoy the process have fun with it, take it easy.

Moreover, the chances for manifesting with the law of attraction is depends upon your imagination power.

Know that where your life is and where you want it to be. Have a clear picture.

The ground or the base is to believe that it works and will deliver everything you desire. 197

Be With Like Minded People 

To achieve your goals and dreams it is always said to be with the people who are on the same mission i.e they are successful, wealthy. Be with the people who will motivate you gives you the positivity, higher vibrations.

Happy people always tries to help others and feel good by seeing the success of others. Like minded people help you to set get goals and provide guidance to achieve them.

They the the one who wants to see the whole world  happy.  Being with the best people will help  to be more creative and will provide new doors of opportunities.

Be always open and receptive because you never know from where your prayers get answered. Go in social gatherings, join clubs there you will meet successful and wealthy people.

Be in your best cloth you should look rich and attractive then only you will attract rich people into your life. It will give you boost and will give you the confidence.

Wear smile its the most attractive thing one can face. A happy face is the magnet for success.

Always radiate positive vibes to others, be humble and calm.

Therefore, your positive vibes will attract the best people to you. You will guided to the right people your conscious will give you the hints.

People are everywhere but the right ones will appear when you will match the higher vibration and in the frequency of like minded.

Also, you will meet these people in seminars, in social clubs, involve in such events participate more opportunities will flow.



Its the most important aspect you have to be regular, do the process, be consistence.

You have no ideas about the time when your desires get manifested, it will require some time to manifest.

For some it happen quickly for others it will take some time but don’t get sad, frustrated for that know that your manifestation is on its way and will soon happen.

Think positive and stay happy be grateful for all that you have , remind yourself of previous manifestation which you have accomplished, it will boost up and give confidence to you.

The law of attraction is a universal law and it works for all weather you want it or not, its always in motion. Your knowing and the working of this law will manifest more of good things.

Whenever doubt enters the mind think on happy thoughts and be grateful its the best thing you can do to make your mood in positive mindset.

The attitude of gratefulness will build the link between you and the universe and manifest more what you are vibrating.

Expressing gratitude for yourself, what you have accomplished, and what you want to manifest with good and happy state you can act as a magnet to attract positive outcome.




It is simply focusing on your breath and being in a relaxed state. In current world we are surrounded by many people and we catch vibration easily and it disturbs our mind.

Also, meditation gives peace of mind and it refreshes our soul. Moreover finding balance is essential and we have to practice it on a regular basis.

Breathe normal and just focus on every breath. Allow to be in a calm state of mind. Also, feel the joy and bliss you are having. You will feel charged.

Meditation can create awesome results if applied regularly and systematically.

As a result of meditation your focus increases, your confidence and manifesting power also increases and you attract prosperous and happy results.


You have to be mindful , just observe and see be aware of what you truly want, do all thing with love and compassion.

Take full responsibility – all that happens to you is because you have created it, no matter how it has happened but the reality is you are the creator.

From now on stop blaming the government, society, people for your conditions. Take responsibility of everything in your life.

Your thought words and action has given you all that, and the power lies within you to change it if something is not good enough. Know that you can change everything.

When you take charge of your life you will see that you can bring any situation and make it best for yourself. 242

Maintain positive environment

The external environment is the reflection of your internal environment. What you create inside is what you get in the outer world.

Also, the feelings which you are connected with inside reflects it in outer world. Therefore, be mindful about your environment as it influence your potential to attract and manifest.

Make sure your environment is aligned with what you are manifesting.

Moreover, being aware of your surroundings helps in create a positive frequency for your manifestation.

If your surrounding has positive vibration its more easy for you to attract things. It will give boost to your manifestation.

Also, its our perspective which changes everything in life. Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we are responding to it.

What happens to us has a little to do but how we react to it is all matters. Interpreting in a right way will solve all our problems.

Sometimes we have negative perspective about something and we focus on it in negative way. Try changing it and see it from different angel and you will know the difference.


Set powerful intention , they are the magnetic force and charges the desire.

If you your intention to be happy and enjoy , visualize it and carry that intention with all that you do soon you will see that you are happy and enjoying what you are doing.

Therefore, focusing on the thoughts and putting it in specific things with the intention we send the message to the universe.

Moreover, whatever intention you set you receive that. Thus, intention are mandatory in the manifestation process, it shows the nature about the desires which you are manifesting.

Be intentional about your desires. Moreover, intention helps your brain and focuses on the resources to perform a  particular actions.

Therefore, make sure to focus on your everyday activities and set your intention as it will help you to get that work done easily.

Simply giving intention will generate the frequency and will create a environment where you can perform that act smoothly.

Involve In Productive Activities 

When you work on yourself  and towards your goals you are showing dedication and commitment.

Take courses according to your desires, go for online class grow yourself. Read self help books, invest in knowledge.

When you join and take courses you are open up of opportunities and will meet new people who are on the mission to achieve success in their life.

You will get positive vibrations from them. Interact with them. When you learn you earn.

Also you can learn different courses which will help to make the best version of yourself.

Take knowledge of the field in which you want to work. Know about it.


Law Of Attraction – Universe Is The Key

When you focus on the desires you want in your life you will be shown more of these things. Therefore, to master it remove any doubt of fear and allow the power of positivity to bring it in your life.

Also, continue to focus only on your desires and you will see them in your surroundings frequently.

Everything will make sense you will be guided, you will feel all is going well. Remain happy and grateful you will be given more of it.

When you go with the flow you allow universe to bring new opportunities in your life. When you are open up to changes it became easy to deliver you.

Increase your potential and open up for the supply which can come to you from different sources.

Most of the we think of the future and we forgot to live in the present moment. You should enjoy each moment.

Live happily be in a positive mood, relaxed as it will increase your power and you will attract your desires soon.

You will see that you are more calm and confident and will notice change in your thinking process.

Therefore, you will feel easy to talk with the universe, you can tell whatever you want to manifest no matter how big it is.

Moreover,the universe or higher source is always there to deliver and is working for you.

You give the guidance and your intuition will tell you everything in the whole process.

Therefore, talking  with universe give you the assurance that someone is listening and will response to you. 257

The Power Is with You

Conversing with God can really be beneficial in this, your divine path will show up and it will be clear and easy to make that wonderful journey. You will open up to spirituality.

Your negative energy will soon dissolve while keeping positive attitude and more of happy feelings will enter.

Also, you will experience joy, peace, success, happiness more often. Because you know all good is yours and it is happening in your life now.

Whatever is happening in your surroundings you will feel peace within because you have made your mind to look positive and to be happy.

No outer circumstances will affect you and that is your power.

You will feel ease and nothing can disturb it, as you have balanced and calmness within.

As you go deep in this you will feel the strong connection with the higher power and the universe and will see that you can create master life.

Your efforts will be worth it and everything will seem so easy for you. You will see opportunities everywhere. All good things will come to you.

You will have the excitement about the future and will be thrilled by how the universe is working.

Know that you are here to live a wonderful prosperous life. You are destined to be a successful.

All that you want to have can be yours and your faith and believe is the asset in this whole process. 236

Inspired action

These are the actions will which will give you joy and feel fun while doing it.

Always take action will give joy, happiness, fun and are useful you should feel good about it

Focus on the end goal take necessary steps which are needed to to manifest your desires. Therefore, pay close attention to the opportunities.

Act when your conscious guide you. Hold on the vision think of the process.

Moreover, opportunities will always come to make sure you get the right one ask for the guidance, your subconscious mind knows all. It will guide you.

Also, you have to work smart. Smart work is what matters. You have the key it it should be easy for you to work on the process.

Take the first step you don’t have to know about everything all the answers will we revealed to you at the right time.

But until you start you won’t reach your destination. Your intuition will tell the right opportunity you will be guided to take the action.

If you want to achieve your desires you have to take actions. And to do these action your mind will be inspired.

You will be motivated to call a friend, or to do some course your intuition will guide you for that.

Somehow you will get the links, and contacts which you need in your manifestation and by taking action you make sure that you are dedicated about your goals and desires.

You will feel joy, happiness while you are doing these actions and they are the inspired actions which will manifest your dreams. 261


After doing all these are in the receiving state, you will receive from universe.

Praise yourself give credit that you are performing well, you are worthy of it, you deserve it, celebrate your victory it will motivate you will feel so good and your trust will increase.

It will boost up your mind. This wonderful mind state will help to manifest other desires and will exceeds your expectations.

This is the milestone you have achieved. Enjoy it.

Therefore, live in the best feeling stay happy believe in your true powers. You have everything to achieve your goals.

You have this power with you always use it.

Create a awesome life. Also, you have this marvelous power to manifest all your desires and to turn your dreams in to reality.

God , Universe can give you all but you have to ask it they have the power but the ability is in you to bring into your life.

Every day life your life as the best, feel joyful enthusiastic, inspired.

Be grateful always.

“Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible.”

Take the first step in faith even when you cannot see the whole path, that first step will lead to another.

You have the key to the miraculous life use it and see the magic happen in your life.

I hope you are now ready to change your life and will create a wonderful one. This post has given you the knowledge about the law of attraction. Follow these rules and you will master the law of attraction.

Hope this  helps you to achieve all your desires and manifest them.























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