Law Of Attraction Meditation

Law Of Attraction Meditation

Meditation actually means relaxation. It relaxes your mind, your body, and your soul. You see, when you are in a relaxing mode, you feel stronger, more creative, and more alive than before. And that is what needed to manifest anything in life.
So, basically, the law of attraction meditation helps you meet your higher self and allow you to live or enjoy the life of your dreams.

The Secret Medtation.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

Law of attraction meditation helps you to meet yourself, your inner being that is not possible while you are surrounded by the sound of your dreams, doubts & worries related to it and expectations of people from you.

The sound of your inner being is always on, keep on directing but you are not able to listen to it because of the unnecessary sounds of doubts and worries.


The most important thing on which law of attraction works is the energy or vibrations you give to a particular situation or thing. When you do meditation, you are able to focus on your dreams without any doubts or worries. And when you start giving energy to your dreams more than to your doubts and fears, you start manifesting your dreams.

Just imagine, how cool and exciting it is to have everything you want only through the power of your imagination.
Some people say that I have good imagination power, so why do I need to meditate.

Attract Your Dreams.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

Just having a good imagination power is not enough. Because when you imagine unconsciously anything with a disturbed mind then you attract many things along with your dreams. And that is doubts & worries related to the achievement of your dreams.

In order to overcome these doubts and worries, you have to calm yourself. And you can achieve this calmness through the law of attraction meditation.

Once, you are able to achieve this calmness, you can get to your dreams so easily that you can’t even imagine. Whether you want to attract your soulmate or want yo good job or want success in your business or anything you desire, you can achieve it easily.

Law Of Attraction Meditation

A very important condition for the success of your manifestation is to feel good. You have to feel good about your dreams. Also, you have to feel good about yourself. Feeling good about what you won’t actually give out vibrations. These vibration releases in the universe.

The continuous release of such vibrations sends a signal to the universe about how desperately or how truly you want something. And thus, the universe becomes forced to give you what you want.

But how to feel good every time about the situation you are not in reality? This is where the law of attraction meditation comes in. The law of attraction meditation helps you relax.

Raise Your Vibrations.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

It makes your mind quiet and calm. Meditation while relaxing you, takes away everything that is bothering you in any way. And now, when there is nothing to get bothered about, you naturally start feeling good.

This meditation helps raise your natural frequency and imagination power. You start believing in possibilities of good. You start believing in the Reality of your dreams. And yes, of course, you start by in you, yourself. That is the most important part of the law of attraction meditation.

In order to live a good life, you have to feel good about life. Feel good, feel positive, feel enjoying everything in general and you will observe magic in your life.


You must hear about the law of attraction to achieve your dreams. And I think that is the reason you are reading this article. But is keep on thinking positive about what you want is enough to get it into reality? Is it that simple? Do you think that the greatest magic of the universe just confined to the practice of positive thinking? I think it is not enough. If it would so, I think many of the positive thinkers could have achieved their dreams till now.

But the thing is, just thinking positive is not enough to get all that you want. Yes, positive thinking is very important to achieve your goals but it is not the only thing to do.

Law Of Attraction Meditation.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

A person who is broken or going through a bad phase of life can’t even imagine thinking positively. So, first, you have to develop a state inside where you can actually think positively.

Some people might have tried to think positively even in negative situations. I really appreciate those heroes for their bravery. But do they remain consistent with their efforts all the time?

And did they succeed in what they want to achieve? Of course not. Because, when you force something without any inner inspiration or motivation, you can’t hold it for long. Now and then your thoughts start wandering to that state of negativity without even your permission.
So, there is something inside you which has to be corrected. It requires your focus.


Does the universe send signals or signs? Does it try to make us aware of something by repeated patterns or experiences? Have you noticed it ever in your life?

If yes, then there is something inside you that needs your focus more than anything.
You must have noticed that in life somethings repeat itself again and again and again. And you are totally nil why it is happening to you so repeatedly.

Law Of Attraction Meditation.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

Actually, these continuous patterns are signals from the universe. There is something much deeper in you that is in need of intense healing. You are unconsciously attracting the things that you don’t want in your life just because of that unhealed part.

What is this conscious and unconscious thinking? How does it affect our life? And does it is having any relation with the success of our manifestation?

Let us understand the concept of the conscious and unconscious mind in depth.
The conscious mind is one of which you are aware of. This is where logics, reasonings, doubts occur. The conscious mind does not accept anything easily. It always questions the things whether it is right or wrong. Is it valid or not. What people will think about anything, self-respect, image, all these are the job of a conscious mind.

Role Of Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind plays a major role in the success of our manifestation. It actually works on beliefs. Our subconscious mind does not go for logic or doubts.

Whatever you tell your subconscious mind, it will believe it. Things that you repeatedly listen to or say to yourself or allow in your mind get settled in your subconscious mind. That is the reason your mind keeps on resisting somethings and have 100% confidence on some other.

Law Of Attraction Meditation.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

If you really want to achieve something, you have to work on your belief system. And this is possible through meditation. The Law of attraction meditation makes it easy to feed your mind with positive thoughts and make you believe in the reality of your dreams. Meditation actually works deeply on your thoughts. When you meditate, you focus deeply on yourself, your thoughts.

That is the time when you can change every negative thought into a positive one. And make your subconscious mind believe it. Once you get control over your subconscious mind, you can do miracles for your life and for others also.

The biggest hindrance to the success of manifestation is fear. Fear of impossibility resists your way to success. But when you make it possible in your subconscious mind, the fear of impossibility gets demolished. And the way to success becomes all clear.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction Meditation

In order to get success in your manifestation, you must do this law of attraction meditation.

First of all, relax. Forget about any queries any doubts or confusions or stress
Just relax.

Now, take slow and deep breaths. Try to think of the patterns that are happening in your life again and again. How was the situation and how many times it repeated in your life? Think of your reaction to the situation every time and how you overcome that situation.

What were your thoughts and beliefs at that time? Compare them with your current set of thoughts and beliefs. Are they still the same? If yes, then analyze how they are contributing to the current situation.

Relax And Meditate.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

Analyze each and everything related to that pattern. What were your emotions at that time? What was the predominating thought at that time? All this is necessary because your thoughts create energy that attracts the situations. In which way you overcome that situation? How it came to an end?

What were the lessons you learned from those situations? It is necessary to focus on the experiences or lessons you learned from those situations in order to activate the law of attraction. Focusing on the lessons will help you think positively and moving forward in your life.

Attract Healing Energy From The Universe

When you realize all the patterns and odds, release all the things that are not serving you positively now. Imagine the healing energy from the universe is coming to you to heal every part that needs to be healed. You are all filled up with the energy of healing.

Stay in this state of healing energy. Now, feel that each and every part is getting healed slowly. Feel happy, feel positive, feel good.

Get excited and enjoy the moment. You have cut down the negative situations of the past very nicely. You have now entered into the state full of positivity and healing.

Attract Healing Energy.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

Be grateful for the new life. The life of your dreams. Here, you can live all your dreams without any fear, without any doubts.

Imagine yourself as a powerful and positive creature. Take a deep breath with each feeling. Visualize your dreams. Allow them in your life without any doubts. Believe in the possibilities of your dreams. Believe in yourself.

Law Of Attraction works on the Ask Believe Recieve system.

Feel all these good feelings for a few more minutes. Give your energy to each and every emotion you are experiencing now. Vibrate on that frequency for some more time. Allow this positivity and happiness in your life.

Now, open your eyes slowly.

Align Your Conscious and Subconscious minds

This law of attraction meditation helps you setting new beliefs in your subconscious mind. When you practice this meditation on a daily basis, you can easily align your conscious and subconscious minds.

When you bring your conscious and subconscious minds into alignment, you can bring your deepest desires and intentions into reality.

Align Conscious And Subconscious Mind.
Law Of Attraction Meditation.

This law of attraction meditation helps you change your life for better, for positive. Do it with full faith and positive belief on a daily basis.

Visualize this on a daily basis, live in a state of abundance and gratitude. Focus on your dreams completely without any doubts and fear.

Don’t give up at any cost. Things occur at a fixed time. Trust the process, trust God’s time. Just be faithful to your dreams and to yourself. And the success will be yours at any cost.

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