Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

Whether you believe it or not but everything which is going on in your life or in your surroundings is the result of the law of attraction.

Now you would be asking how is this possible? See, the law of attraction is all about the thoughts and beliefs.

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

Whatever you think day and night is what you attract in your life. You might have noticed one thing that the people who talk much about a particular thing or condition, finally get to go in that condition.

When we were kids, we usually use to tell our friends while fighting that “The one who speaks is the one”. We used to say this sentence without actually understanding it at that time. But it is having an important meaning.

What does this sentence mean? We will discuss in this post and its impacts on our lives.

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction

As per the Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction, you get everything whatever you ask for without any exception from the Universe.

But the question is, we always want good in our life then why we have to face the bad days? Do we attract these bad days by ourselves? Are we responsible for all the positive as well as negative situations in our life?

So, the answer to this is a big YES!

Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction states that the goods and bads in your life are the results of the frequency of your thoughts.

So, how we can control them and how Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction can help us out of this? We will discuss this.

It says that you create your own reality through your power of thinking or we can say the power of imagination.

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

The things on which you focus most of the time becomes your reality. A person who thinks and talks about prosperity every time becomes prosperous one day. On the other hand, a person who always thinks about debts ends up with more and more burden of debts on him.

Once you understand this concept, you will observe the same thing around you. And you will become more conscious of your thoughts.

But here again, a question arises, that how we can control our thinking? Thoughts are very random and free. They come and go without anyone’s permission. Right?

You can control your thoughts also. Stay with me throughout the post. We will discuss all the important things about how Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction can help you create the life as you want.

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction

In order to control your thoughts and to bring all you want in your life, the most important thing is to control your thoughts.

I know it seems very tough but once you start practicing it, you will enjoy it and it will become a habit.

You would have noticed one thing that our thoughts are inspired by the things we see, hear, read, or talk about in our daily life.

If you agree with this point then you know what you have to do. Start taking control over what you see, what you hear, what you speak, and what you read.

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

Just cut off yourself from the negative talks, news, people, and everything that you feel negative.

Even we often talk negatively about ourselves, like I can’t do this, this is impossible for me, why this is happening to me, and many more.

You have to reverse these sentences now and start telling the positive of these sentences to yourself.

Start seeing positive in every situation, speak only positive things, listen, and read, only positive words.

When you surround yourself with positivity, your thoughts will automatically become positive. And this way you can control your thoughts to go in a positive direction only.

Following a slogan in your life will help you a lot. The slogan is, “Think positive, do positive and gain positive”.

Three-Step Process Of Abraham Hicks

According to the Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction, any person can learn to mold his/her energy or vibrations or thoughts to bring his dreams into reality.

Our thoughts have extraordinary power.  You can have everything whatever you can imagine. You just need daily practice and a strong desire that’s it.

Have you ever seen someone doing painting, or have must have drawn pictures in your school time. when we draw a picture, we have that final picture in mind, what it should look like. We imagine it in our minds and draw it with complete feeling.

Just like that, you have to imagine your dream, feel the feeling of its achievement. When you start feeling your dream, you start vibrating on that frequency. And this frequency attracts the exact situation you imagined.

Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

 Abraham Hicks explained this process into 3 very simple steps-

Step -1. To ask for what you want. This is your work.

Step -2. The answer is given. This is not your work. The universe will handle this.

Step -3. Accept or allow the answer which has been given. You have to let in.

So, how these three steps work for you to bring your dreams into reality. Let us discuss these steps in detail. And understand the concept of the thought process and magic of creating reality.

Ask For What You want

So, step 1 is to ask for what you want. It is very simple and natural. We are living in an environment where we have a variety of things to see. And naturally, when we see these varieties, we develop a desire to have that thing in our life.

It could be anything, a dish, a toy, a home, a job, a person, respect, happiness, a car, or anything that you can imagine.

So, for asking you don’t have to put any effort. It is so natural. And in reality, people keep on asking for things from God, I want this I want that. Thus, this step is very simple.

Ask The Universe.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

But remember, when you are going to ask for anything, make sure you know what you are asking for.

You have a clear picture in your mind what you are asking for. Because the universe has everything to give you without any exception.

You will be only responsible for what you are asking for. So, make a wise decision while asking.

Now, are you always conscious while asking? Sometimes you may not. Thus, it is very important to be conscious of your words. You should be conscious of whatever you think and speak. As it creates a frequency and passes on the signal to the universe that you want that particular thing.

The Universe Answers

You know what, the universe is so faithful. It keeps promise every time. Whenever you ask for anything, it delivers it to you.

So, step 2 is easier. Here you don’t have to do any work. Step 2, that is to deliver what you have asked for is the work of the universe.

You don’t interfere with that. The universe knows has an abundance of everything and it knows very well how to deliver it. It will always deliver you without any cheating.

Universe Answer Magically.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

There can be many ways in which you ask for something from the universe. Sometimes you ask by speaking, sometimes by thinking and most importantly you ask through your vibrations.

Each time universe accepts your wish wholeheartedly and gives you whatever you want exactly as you have asked.

Now, many of you will argue here that I never asked for anything bad for myself then why it happened to me. Or you will say it is impossible for a person to wish a negative situation in his/her own life.

So, how all these negatives come from? What are the things responsible for the negatives happening in people’s lives? Is there anything fishy behind all these negative situations.

Let us find out answers to all these questions and understand the root cause of negativity.

Reason Behind The Negative Situation

You won’t believe if I will tell you that reason behind all the negativities in your life is you only. I know you will not agree with me at this point. But I can explain it to you.

See, when you desire anything, you want that thing anyhow in your life. You don’t want to lose that thing at any cost. And from this point, you start feeling the fear of losing that thing.

The fulfillment of that desire becomes so important to you that you start thinking more about not losing it then having it in your life.

Do We Attract Negativity?
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

Every time the thought of losing that thing covers your mind and you can’t even enjoy having that thing in your life in imagination also.

And this constant thinking of losing or fear of losing emits a frequency of lack or losing that thing. The universe catches up your vibrations and understands your desire on the basis of your vibrations.

As you know, the universe is so faithful, it delivers immediately whatever you want. And you end up experiencing the negative in your life.

Art Of Letting In

This is the third step of the Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction 3 step process. In this step, you have to let in whatever comes to you. Here you have to vibrate on the frequency of acceptance.

Let us understand in a simple way. Whatever you ask from the Universe to give you, just believe that you have received it or you are getting it. You have to vibrate on the receiving frequency.

When you start vibrating on the frequency of receiving, you will ultimately get what you want.

But if you hinder the answered prayers through your fear or doubt then you will end up losing it. So, the main thing here is to be in a receiving mode. If you are not in a receiving mode then the answered prayers will also seem unanswered.

Art Of Let In.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

This concept is just as similar to the tuning of a radio station. If you want to listen to a particular channel then you have to set that particular frequency. When you tune to the perfect frequency, you get a clear voice. But if your frequency is a little bit here there then you start getting disturbance in the voice.

So, tune your thoughts particularly to the frequency of your dreams. Not a bit “here and there” is allowed. Just focus your mind completely on the completion of your goal and that’s it.

 Role Of Belief System

The belief system plays an important role in the achievement of your goal. So, never use your energy to worry about failure instead use it to believe in the achievement of your goal.

Understand the fact that our thoughts are greatly affected by our belief system. If we believe that whatever we have asked from the universe will be answered for sure then we will get it anyhow.

On the other hand, if we don’t believe wholeheartedly or believe in fear more than the completion of goal then we end up having the same obstacle.

Belief Is The Key.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.

You must have listened or read this “Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing. You see things, not as they are, but as you are”.

What does this saying actually mean?

It means that the positive and negative totally depend on us. Two people can have totally different views about the same situation. Not only two people, if there will be 100 more people in the same situation then there will 100 or more views for that same situation.

This is human nature. We see the things as we are, as our inner culture is, as our thought process is. And thought process you know is greatly affected by our belief system.

So, it is a must and should that our belief system is strong and positive always. If you can do this, you can achieve your goal for sure. No one can beat you in that.

Enjoy The Feeling Of Your Desire
A very important aspect that comes after the belief system is to enjoy the feeling of desire. What does that mean? And how it helps in achieving goals? Let us find the answers to these questions now.
Enjoy the feeling of your desire simply means to live in that moment now. Act as if you already have what you have asked for from the universe. Now, what will you do? How will you act? Will you dance? Will you cry? or Will you laugh? or Will you celebrate?
Whatever you will do after the completion of that goal, do it now. Live that moment now. When you dance, laugh, cry, or celebrate or however you react, you will do it with emotion.
Enjoy The Feeling Of Your Desire.
Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction.
That emotion creates vibration frequency. And this vibrational frequency matches with frequency of the universe. Further, it will put you into the exact receiving mode. Finally, you receive from the universe the gift of blessing, the gift of answered prayers, and the gift of achievement of your goal.
Thus, its a play of momentum. Create momentum. Live in the reality of your own. In order to live or enjoy the reality that you want, you have to deny the current reality.
As soon as you start living in your own reality, it passes a signal to the universe. Gradually, it becomes your habit. And finally, it becomes your reality.
This is what the game is. You can have everything you want just by doing this process. You just have to practice it wholeheartedly and with honesty.
Stay Confident About Yourself
In order to achieve anything, you should know that you are worthy of it. You should have confidence in your self that you can achieve it.
See, the universe can only answer your prayers but you should have the guts to ask what you want with the confidence and belief.
The biggest difference between those who fail and those who succeed is about self-belief only.
Don’t force things. Keep it natural.  When it comes from within it have more vibrational frequency that helps you get the goal truly fast. The whole concept is about, ask believe receive.

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